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HubScript - Automated Website Testing from The Cloud. Monitor and measure your Business Critical Web Applications. Be proactive in finding issues before your customers tell you.

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Automated Website Testing from The Cloud

When you absolutely, positively have to know you’re online.

MonitorHub DashboardHubScript from MonitorHub is a cloud based solution which helps improve the commercial success of any online system by improving the customer experience.  This is achieved by monitoring business critical web applications, sending SMS or eMail alerts to system administrators if any errors occur during the test and, by analysing how the system responds, empower marketeers and technologists to make continuous improvements to web processes which ultimately improve the overall online customer experience.


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  • Fix problems faster

    Fix problems faster

    HubScript focuses on ensuring online systems are working rather than the availability of individual components. Monitoring business critical web applications in real time can help improve the overall End User Experience by assisting IT departments in identifying any points of failure as they occur.
  • Make more money

    Make more money

    HubScript can increase sales by 30% by making your online system more effective. At the end of the day, it's the customer that chooses to buy from your website and if it's not working or too slow they don't buy. HubScript pinpoints the key areas that will improve your commercial success.
  • Take control

    Take control

    HubScript let's you see which parts of your online system are performing well, and which could be better. HubScript tests from a user perspective pinpointing what real users are experiencing both in the short term by alerting you when errors happen, and in the longer term by analysing trends in performance. And all parts of the system are tested, even those hosted and managed by other suppliers.


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